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  • Ex-Offender Re-Entry Planning and Services

  • Non-Profit Administrative Training and Support

  • What Candidates Need to Know Before Running for Office

  • Micro Enterprise Training

  • Community Relations Facilitation

  • Mediation Services

  • Supervisory Training

  • Financial Literacy Training

  • New Executive Director or Leadership Orientation
  • Best Practices in Social Service Delivery
  • Succession Planning-Preparing for Changing Leadership
  • Restructuring for Success
  • From Crisis to High Performing Organization
  • Strengthening Intergovernmental and Media Relations
  • Fund-Raising with a Purpose
  • Models in Effective Advocacy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board/Executive Director Relations
  • Executive Leadership for Head Start

Training to Fit Your Needs
Each training can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Dependent on the detail required, the training can be adjusted from 1 1/2 hour presentations to a half day or full day workshop. Negotiated fees are based on length of workshop and preparation.
Orqanizational Support Contracts

Ongoing Support and Technical Assistance Services are available for organizations dealing with crisis or difficult situations requiring more attention to get the organization back on the path to success. Fees are Negotiable

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